Britomatics will continue to be an innovative in their product line.

Direct to Textile Printers

The direct sublimation method actually deposits the ink onto the media itself, and then it’s fixed into the media using heat and pressure. Although this method in the past did not have as good a saturated image result, it has become much better as media surface coatings have been vastly improved, . We also offer dye sublimation media that are pretreated on one side for direct sublimation.

Direct dye sublimation printing to coated fabrics has eliminated the need for transfer paper and heat transfer machinery, making the costs to produce lower. Direct printing saves the paper transfer, and our

Magnum Model is dye-sublimation Direct to fabric printer which combines industrial productivity, high quality output and application versatility. Magnum PLUS is a new generation high speed textile printer having a adhesive belt transport system designed for printing on variety of fabrics like cotton, silk etc.